Benefits of Partnership with CHS
If you are a functional, naturopathic or other integrative provider, Complex Health Solutions is looking to form partnerships that will enhance the care you provide every day. Some of these benefits include:
  • New clients.  Many clients who come to our site do not have an existing functional, naturopathic or integrative medicine practitioner.   Our RootFinder™ report will refer the users preferentially to our partners as a source of new patients for your practice.
  • Improved service.  The RootFinder tool helps identify the most likely root causes of a patient’s health issues. This will enable you to provide better and faster care to your patients and the community you serve.  In addition, it gets patients more engaged in their own care and treatment. 
  • Saves you time.  Clients fill out our on-line surveys about their health concerns on their own time, not yours.  This serves as a comprehensive review of systems done in advance that give you more time to help the patient. 
  • Promotes your practice. We provide you with marketing and promotional materials (e.g., emails, newsletters) under your brand that can be sent to your new and old patients encouraging them to take the RootFinder assessment. We have seen a greater than 25% response rate to our email campaigns. Our RootFinder report will feature you and your practice. Here is how the RootFinder report will feature you. After you sign up with us, we will follow up with you with our request for your picture and bio.
  • National exposure: We will also include you and your practice in our national directory of practitioners that will be accessed by the “search for a local provider” feature on our web site as it becomes available. 
  • Free Trial: As a provider, you can try our RootFinder for free. Click on the "JOIN US" button below to sign up as a partner and receive your promo code for free access to the RootFinder. 
If you are a health tech company or a self-insured business entity looking out for the health of your employees, there are also bottom line benefits of joining our growing network of partners, for you. Please click on the Join Us button below to learn more.
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