Client Testimonials & Case Studies

Client Testimonials
Ellen, Healthcare Provider
"As a health care practitioner and patient, myself, I want to say that Complex Health Solutions machine learning program is very accurate and really helps to weed out root causes of complex health issues.

After 15 years of seeing many, many doctors, including lots of alternative healers, having tons of lab tests, trying every diet and supplement that you could imagine, this program finally helped to find causes for the overwhelming fatigue that I had dealt with since a case of what seemed like the “flu” 15 years ago, the “flu” never really ended.

Complex Health Solutions was able to pinpoint the two most likely causes of my symptoms. I am so pleased that we were able to finally get at root causes of so many years of illness and suffering. And I found something that I was almost out of, thanks to Complex Health Solutions - HOPE!

I plan to utilize the Complex Health Solutions profile to help my patients with complex health issues as I have seen the great results from using this myself.

The potential for this testing to help so many people and to do it so much faster, is clear.

I highly recommend it to both health care practitioners and patients."
SIBO "saved me from surgery"
Marty, 24, Engineer
"Completing this questionnaire saved me from surgery! After years of intense pain after eating and seeing more than 20 doctors for relief, it was recommended that I have my gallbladder removed. A scan clearly showed that it was enlarged.

I’m only 24 years old, so I resisted surgery for more than a year. But finally the pain was simply too much, and I was ready to schedule the surgery when a friend recommended that I take the Complex Health Solutions questionnaire first. She had done so, and got an answer to her chronic condition for years that no one else had diagnosed.

Although I did not believe that anything so inexpensive and available to anyone who wanted to take it online could possibly be smarter than all the doctors I had gone to, my friend urged me to just give it a try. Thank goodness I did. I had SIBO! I’ve changed my diet and am completely pain free as long as I limit my carbohydrate intake to prevent intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

No surgery! No more pain! I can never thank Complex Health Solutions enough for providing such an extraordinary tool at such an affordable price."
Heavy Metal Toxicity, SIBO, Hormone Imbalance
Appreciative Grandmother of Frances, 11
"I wish I had known about Complex Health Solutions Root Finder tool earlier. It would have saved us 4 years of illness, and many thousands of dollars. My granddaughter has POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) which means she passes out multiple times per day. The school system could not handle such a problem, so she had to be home-schooled 9th-12th grades.

An untold number of doctors offered no help, and many concluded her problem was entirely psychological; several even wanted to put her into an inpatient psychiatric hospital when outpatient counseling did not work!

Complex Health Solutions
uncovered the REAL problem – the root cause of her passing out was due to a combination of things - heavy metal toxicity, SIBO, TH1 Dominant Immune Imbalance, and Low Cortisol.

We began a diligent program to address these, and she improved dramatically, going from passing out 10-20 times per day to 4-5 times per week in the first month.

I could not speak more highly of this amazing tool. I’m so grateful to have found it."
CIRS “nothing short of miraculous”
Jean, 55, Scientist
"I’ve had severe pain and swelling of my knee since a tick bite close to the knee almost 4 years ago. Although traditional medical tests never showed Lyme, I’m certain that was the problem. And even though I was treated for Lyme multiple times according to standard medical treatments, I did not improve.

As it turns out, my underlying problem was CIRS, more commonly known as “mold illness”. Apparently Lyme and CIRS are co-conspirators in keeping people sick – chronic fatigue, joint pain, searing headaches, stiff neck, etc.

Once the questionnaire indicated that CIRS was the underlying problem, I saw Dr. Lenhardt and he prescribed a toxin binder. I was about 80% better in 5 days! This, after not being able to walk due to extreme swelling and pain in my knee for more than 2 years!! I have never been so grateful in my life.

The Complex Health Solutions questionnaire and Dr. Lenhardt’s subsequent treatment plan are nothing short of miraculous."
Linda, 65, Retired
"I am a fairly healthy 65 year old individual taking no medications and do not use alcohol or nicotine but I feel that I am not living my life at an optimum level. I have done psychotherapy and many years of yoga (also anti-depressants for a few years) but still have issues regarding irritability, anxiety, mild depression and anger.

The initial results from my answers to the Complex Health Solutions questionnaire have brought up several possible issues that with further testing can be accurately diagnosed and then treatment options recommended. Without this system a diagnosis could take many months of guess work, testing, and experimenting with possible treatments.

Thank you."
Low Testosterone “finally explained my symptoms”
Emily, 43, Mother
"After being diagnosed with mono twice and a possible Lyme disease diagnosis, I took the Complex Health Solutions questionnaire which determined my number one issue to be low testosterone. Blood work confirmed that I was significantly low in testosterone, which finally explained my symptoms.

After 6 weeks on supplements recommended by Dr. Lenhardt, my testosterone levels doubled and I was already experiencing the results!

Thank you so much!”
Multiple Root Causes
Cathy, 53, Corporate Manager
"The Complex Health Solutions system has started me on a path to wellness I thought would forever remain unavailable after a devastating diagnosis and illness 15 plus years ago.

Problems resulting from my illness have gone undiagnosed until the Complex Health Solutions system pinpointed the issues allowing for the root causes to be determined and treated.

For the first time in more than 15 years I am hopeful about my future health. I can never thank you enough."
Tickborne Illness and other Contributing Factors, “empowered”
Christine, 43, analyst
"Complex Health Solutions is a patient-empowerment tool. It is designed by a doctor who understands that patients themselves have unique information about their symptoms that can be gathered in a time-saving and inexpensive online format.

When patients answer the questions posed by this sophisticated data analysis system, important clues emerge about the root causes of chronic health problems, providing direction about the best pathways to pursue.

For me, the survey correctly identified tick-borne illness and an immune imbalance called 'Th1 Dominance'. Empowered by this information, I have gained new confidence in treatment options shaped by this data."
Parasites and Th2 Dominance
"A shining testament to Dr. Lenhardt's unique quality as a practitioner is in how he does not conclude treatment by idly throwing prescriptions at symptoms, but rather he goes after the absolute roots of one's ailments.

In fact, Dr. Detective Lenhardt might be an appropriate title to give because I have never had the privilege of having a doctor that devotes so much effort to unraveling the mysteries of all the health issues I once thought were dead ends.

His comprehensive approach using the Complex Health Solutions tool, its attention to detail, and his phenomenal sincerity are truly refreshing to experience as a patient."

Case Studies:
Low Testosterone
Becky, 21, College Athlete

Understanding Apathy, Angst and Fatigue in a Young Adult; an unsuspecting case of low testosterone in a young female
A 21-year old female reported significant fatigue and lack of motivation. She wasn’t looking forward to going back for her junior year of college and didn’t think she would have the energy to play on the college soccer team even though soccer and sports had been a passion of hers throughout her life. Her family was concerned that she might have underlying tickborne disease because her father was struggling with chronic Borrelia and Bartonella infections.

Complex Health Solutions
predicted that low testosterone was her most likely underlying root cause. Laboratory testing confirmed a total testosterone level of 8 and a bioavailable testosterone level of 2. For her age, more optimal numbers would be 50-60 for total testosterone and 15-20 for bioavailable testosterone. Her integrative provider started her on iodine/iodide 6.25mg once daily and DHEA 50mg once daily. Within 2 months, her testosterone levels had increased into the optimal range and she felt better. She changed her plans and rejoined the soccer team. She didn’t need an antidepressant and didn’t have tickborne disease.
EBV Infection & SIBO
Nancy, 53, Chiropractor

Sorting out Chronic Fatigue:
59-year-old female chiropractor was evaluated for 15 years of extreme fatigue and exhaustion after a flu like illness plus a history of thyroid cancer with thyroid removal and was being treated with thyroid medication. She also had some abdominal cramping, loose stools and occasional muscle cramps and static shocks plus temperature dysregulation, brain fog and urinary frequency out of proportion to her fluid intake. She had seen many mainstream and alternative providers over those fifteen years. Complex Health Solutions (CHS) predicted she had a chronic, active EBV infection and SIBO. She had seen a GI specialist prior who told her that SIBO was ruled out by the breath test he had ordered. A quantitative EBV antibody profile through ARUP Labs showed extremely high EBV antibody levels and a repeat breath test checking for hydrogen and methane producing bacteria was positive for bacterial overgrowth. Because of the CHS analysis, both of these root causes were pursued through objective testing and then management.

She had steady improvement over time and then repeated the CHS analysis. Her Illness Index number had improved significantly and EBV moved well down the rankings from #1 down to #15. At a follow-up visit six months later, she reported her degree of improvement as “the best winter I have had in fifteen years.” Her energy had improved to such a degree that she was able to increase her level of exercise, work more hours and be more productive.
Justin, 10, student

Understanding the Causes of a Child’s Behavioral Issues
A precocious 10-year-old male was seen in the office of a functional provider a few years ago. The child had seen over 15 different providers in the mental health field in his life. He had been labeled with a long list of diagnoses including: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Bipolar Illness and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Not a single one of the mainstream practitioners had done any evaluation of the underlying causes of this child’s mental health issues. The provider found copper overload, food sensitivities and undermethylation among other contributors. With management, the child seemed to be improving in most areas.

To test the system and to make sure he wasn’t missing an important underlying root cause, the provider had the child do the Complex Health Solutions (CHS) analysis. It predicted Undermethylation as #1 most likely active root cause which confused the provider who thought this problem was already being managed with the supplement SAMe 200mg daily. He asked the child a series of questions and it turned out the boy still had significant levels of anxiety and inner tension, but he was keeping it to himself. The provider increased the SAMe to 400mg daily and within a month the child reported near resolution of his feelings of anxiety.

Complex Health Solutions, in this case, identified that a known root cause was being undermanaged.
Multiple Hormone Imbalances
Deborah, 57, Healthcare Professional

Supporting the Management of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
A 57-year-old female healthcare professional wanted to make sure that her bioidentical hormone regimen was optimal. Complex Health Solutions predicted hormone imbalances for all of her top five: #1. High progesterone; #2. Low testosterone; #3. Low estrogen; #4. Low DHEA and #5 High Cortisol. Testing was ordered that confirmed each of the predicted hormone imbalances. Her compounded hormone cream had too much progesterone and an inadequate dose of the counterbalancing estrogen. The regimen was adjusted with testosterone added. She also needed a more consistent regimen to manage chronic stress. It took a number of months, but eventually she felt much better on the optimized regimen.
Heavy Metal Toxicity
David, 55, Executive

Too Much Sushi
A 55-year-old male executive had a variety of chronic issues including unexplained fatigue, short-term memory problems and vague intermittent gastrointestinal symptoms. He was particularly concerned that he was showing early signs of Alzheimer’s dementia because his father had been diagnosed later in life. Complex Health Solutions predicted heavy metal toxicity as the most likely root causes and chronic parasites as the third most likely underlying issue to manage. Hair analysis showed extremely high levels of mercury that was then confirmed by the Quicksilver Trimercury profile. A more complete social history revealed that he had been consuming high amounts of tuna sushi multiple days per week for many years. Identifying and then managing the mercury toxicity at a relatively early age will almost certainly help improve and protect his cognition into the future.
Insulin Resistance and Hormone Imbalance
Wanda, 48, Pharmacist

I Thought CHS was Wrong, but Made a Mistake and It was Actually Right
A 48-year-old pharmacist with chronic bowel problems, menstrual irregularities, fatigue and struggles with weight management took the Complex Health Solutions questionnaire shortly after the system went live in 2018. The system predicted Insulin Resistance most likely and High Testosterone and High DHEA as #4 and #5 within the top 5. Follow-up lab tests showed some mild abnormalities with fasting glucose and hormone levels. In discussing the results with the pharmacist, the provider uncovered that she had been diagnosed years prior with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and the two most prominent underlying aspects of PCOS tend to be insulin resistance and excessive male hormone (androgens).
High DEA and Low Testosterone
Shelly, 38, Mother

The Intricacies of the Hormone Pathways
A 38-year-old mother of three young children read The Hormone Cure book by Sara Gottfried, MD and wanted to use Complex Health Solutions(CHS) to make sure she didn’t have any significant hormone imbalances. She had chronic fatigue and wasn’t sure whether to attribute a lack of energy to poor sleep and the struggles of managing her household. CHS predicted high DHEA and low testosterone and those abnormalities were then confirmed by laboratory testing. The integrative provider checked the hormone pathways and noticed that phytoestrogens, flaxseed, licorice, excessive alcohol, isoflavinoids and progestins potentially blocked the conversion of DHEA to testosterone. On further history taking, it turned out she was adding copious amounts of flaxseed to her smoothie every morning trying to maintain her levels of Omega 3s. It was recommended to stop the flaxseed and repeat labs several months later showed reduction and normalization of the DHEA level with improvement in total testosterone.
Tick-borne illness
Jessica, 68, Health Writer

Chronic Lyme or Not?
A 68-year-old health writer had longstanding pain to the extremities and eye pain with elements of fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms. She had seen over 20 different mainstream and alternative practitioners including five different eye specialists trying to sort out the underlying root cause(s) for her chronic frustrating symptoms. To the point of her completing the Complex Health Solutions (CHS) analysis, she had some ongoing management for chronic tick-borne disease but in an incomplete manner because of the uncertainty that this was the true primary issue to be managed. On multiple occasions, an attempt was made to get her off long-term antibiotics, but each time her chronic symptom would flare and become more intense. A major question was whether Lyme disease had triggered mold toxin illness that might actually be the predominant root causes that needed attention. CHS predicted Tick-borne disease as the #1 most likely root cause and it predicted Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, aka Mold Toxin Illness as the 15th most likely issue for her. Based on that information, her provider expanded her treatment regimen for tick-borne disease. This led to significant improvement over time for her.
TH2 Dominant Immune Imbalance
Andrea, 25, Marketing Manager

Identifying the Root Causes of Ulcerative Colitis?
A 25-year-old female saw her functional provider to discuss chronic medical problems including anxiety and the Ulcerative Colitis (UC) form of inflammatory bowel disease. In the functional medical world, it has been hypothesized that chronic parasites play a role in this autoimmune inflammatory process. Research has also shown that UC tends to be a Th2 dominant immune imbalance either with an overactive Th2 (helper T-cell 2) process and/or an underactive Th1 (helper T-cell 1) process.
Complex Health Solutions, with nothing specific to its algorithms that would understand these hypotheses, predicted a Th2 dominant Immune Imbalance #1 and Chronic Parasites #2. Rather than pursue an immune rebalancing protocol and an aggressive anti-parasite regimen of uncertain benefit, the young woman understandably worked with her Gastroenterologist to optimize her immune-modulating pharmaceutical regimen. This regimen worked well in controlling her symptoms and improved her quality of life.

A year or so later, she repeated the CHS analysis when her UC was better controlled and neither a Th2 dominant immune imbalance or Chronic Parasites showed up in the top 5.
42, Rachel, Philosophy Professor

The Benefits of Repeating the Complex Health Solutions Analysis
A 42-year-old philosophy professor struggled with longstanding chronic anxiety that didn’t respond adequately to standard treatment regimens. She worked hard on her diet, lifestyle and relaxation including regular running and yoga in an effort to optimize her health and avoid unnecessary pharmaceuticals. She understood the potential value of medications, but found that mental health professionals only focused on medications and therapy without a clear understanding of the root causes of anxiety and mood disorders.

In early 2019, she performed the Complex Health Solutions (CHS) analysis. Within the top 5, the prediction that was most potentially relevant to her chronic anxiety was Undermethylation. She was relieved that an effective non-pharmaceutical was available and started daily SAMe supplement as an effective methyl donor. Over the next few months her anxiety improved and was more manageable. Later in the same year, she went back to the same provider because of worsening anxiety once again. They explored a variety of potential causes and contributors including diet, stress, a lack of sleep and others, but nothing seemed to explain why her anxiety has increased. She repeated the CHS analysis that then predicted Overmethylation in her top 5. The provider then wondered if her SAMe dose was too high, so cut her back and within a month or so, the anxiety once again improved. Those with chronic anxiety can be undermethylated, overmethylated or in a state of relatively neutral methylation. Complex Health Solutions, among its many uses, can help sort out which state the person is in.
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