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Complex Health Solutions
Are you tired of getting bounced around from doctor to doctor, yet no one can offer a clear explanation for your health issues?
Complex Health Solutions
Do you suffer from unexplained symptoms such as pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression, anger...?
Complex Health Solutions
Do you feel bombarded with prescriptions for every symptom, but nothing to address the root cause?

Discover the Root Causes of Your Health Issues in Minutes!
We carefully analyze your responses to our comprehensive online Assessment, and identify the most likely root causes of your health issues. Take our mini-quiz to see if our assessment could help you. 

Introducing RootFinder® and How to Put it to Work for You
Discover the root causes of your chronic health issues in three simple steps. 
Step 1
Explore and take our unique in the industry RootFinder online Assessment.

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Step 2
Complete the RootFinder Assessment in 10-15 minutes, and pay a nominal fee to receive your personal report. 
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Step 3
Review your personal report sent to your email address. If not fully satisfied, request a refund. 

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What Makes RootFinder so Popular?

It only takes 10-15 minutes to complete our online Assessment. You receive results on the root causes of your health issues within a minute after you complete the Assessment.

No long waits. No anxiety.
Smart & Unique
Smart & Unique
Our expert system, RootFinder, will analyze your responses to the Assessment, and, using the best science and research available, it identifies the top five most likely root causes of your illness and symptoms. A unique and innovative capability offered exclusively by our company.

There is a modest fee for receiving your personal root cause analysis report. A fraction of what you might be paying in co-pays, prescription drugs, or lab tests. Satisfaction Guaranteed: If not fully satisfied, you can request a refund.

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